Sheol VI

by Black Hand Throne

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released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Black Hand Throne South Carolina

Black Hand Throne formed in late 2008
comprised of Todd Holford and Bobby Coles. they recruited long time friend and ex Manticore vocalist Denny Stone. Dan Barber joined the group to take on drum duties. We called Guitarist Dustin Holliday and Dustin joined the group. Dan left the band. After a series of drummers. Harold Smith joined the band to take on drum duties.Black Hand Throne was complete. ... more

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Track Name: Son Of Thunder
Alone in the darkness
In the parade of doom
Reflecting, desperate, I regress a pawn for you
A life in ruins
Tied up, shackled and bound
I will not budge, I will not break, I will not bow down

The pariah
Weakness, desire
Witness the destruction of a fallen world
I despise the sun
Dawn of a new day
Misery now renewed
Desperate for a new way

Broken man been beaten down
Shadows haunting all around
Listen to the echoes, what they say
Walk the line been crucified
Live a life that is not mine
Soon I will be returned to the flames
Into the flames

Consumed by hatred march in the parade of doom

The pariah
Weakness desire
Witness the destruction of a fallen world
I despise the sun
Dawn of a new day
Misery now renewed
Desperate for a new way


Son of the thunder
The world will crumble
I will rot away
Son of the thunder
The world
I will fade away
Track Name: Mutiny
All alone
Demons rising I’m left on my own
Staring in
Serpents eyes now I’m left here to die
Winds of change will now brew like the arctic
Like a slap in the face
Traitors are now surrounding me everyday
Bury me in my grave

Breaking me down
Bastards betrayal
The dawn it brings
The death rattle

Sharks circle
After all that I gave you betray
A liar
Has to fall and be put to the grave
Every journey must come to an end
Mine will come with the walk of the plank
The ones who are the closest
Are the ones who are twisting the blade

Breaking me down
Bastards betrayal
The dawn it brings
The death rattle

I will become a victim of betrayal
The final nail
Breaking the silence barbarians rise
The great mutiny

I have seen the rot and filth
Of humanity
The sharks have circled me
After all I gave

I can see betrayal
In the bastards eyes
My last exhale
I can feel the knife

Reflections now fade
In the final sun
Fade away today
Vultures will soon come
Track Name: Sheol
Awaiting life
The monster inside
Who will save
Save our way
He’ll kill the pain
So he will say
The great deceiver
Will take the reins
Of a fallen world
He’ll promise light
Then divide
Son of Lucifer
The faithful wait
Birth will bring
The return
Of a savior

A mother cries, a baby dies unaware
She has no idea what she has conceived
Consumed by lust, a whore since twelve
She knows only that the bastard inside must die

We are the fruits of a world in despair
Fallen and beyond repair
Sodom, Gomorrah have nothing on us
We are filled with rage, murder, and lust
To lost and sick we cannot even fulfill prophecies of the Antichrist
Abandon scriptures, the bloods on the wall and alone we will fall

We pray, don’t waste your breathe it’s to late
Man is what we are we will pay
Humanity, morality all betrayed
Lost shadows of the unborn


Faith, breaking the word of God- only the strong will survive
Rape, raping the minds of all- breaking the will that is mine
Hate, suffering unto me- only the strong will survive
Scrap, ripping out everything- breaking the will that is mine
Track Name: Misery Slave
I live in the world around me
And I no longer feel sane
I know all about the damned thing
And I know who is to blame

I know just what their saying
See through the damn charade
The flags that they’ve been waiving
Sold away, misery slave

I know your rhetoric
All your promises made
I’ve heard it all before
All you do is take

Numbers instead of names
Remind us of our place
Forefathers would feel shame
No more saviors remain

The wolves surround the sheep
Slowly they killing me
Masters are calling
Each day brings misery

Land of the liar
Home of the fake
Approach the fire
Misery salve
Track Name: Back To The Well
Back to the well one more time
Lost in the haze of my life
Years all roll away, but the troubles still remain
Lord I must be loosing my mind

Apple rotting
World is crumbling
Worms surround me
Crawling out

The tree is now diseased
It cannot be redeemed
Flesh is now forgotten, long ago it has rotten
Everything has changed, I still remain the same
Choking on the filth, long lost is my humanity
On me it always seems to rain

Worms surround me
Crawling out

Thin skin behind my faded eyes
The rivers wide reflects no light
I feel I’m changing
The world is cold
Consumed by hatred
I’m growing old
Controlling me
Disgusting lies
No need complaining
This life is mine
Take my money
No take my name
Take my life
Set it up in flames

No more religion
Cannot be saved
Nearing extinction
Locked in a cage
All that I know is not my own
My failings follow me I roam
Dark gray skies there is no light
Back to the well just one more time
I am a monster
The world filled me with rage
Outside I smile
Inside I brew with hate
Track Name: The Dregs

Broke and alone, down on my way, down to the gallows
I am restrained, marched to my grave, down in the shadows
Heathen beware, Christ was a saint, if you should follow
If you want, heathen be damned, shriveled and hollow

I beg and plead
You lie to me
Belief is free
I’m to blind to see your deceit
And now I know
This side you’ve shown
Does not belong
But I was so wrong
You have your place
Among disgraced
Your lying face
It gave you away
And every time
You crossed the line
One million times
I ignored the crimes of your life
Back to zero

Follow beware, leave you alone, broken and hollow
I am a man, selfish I am, leave you to wallow
Trust if you will, promises made, all lead to sorrow
Shedding my skin, eyes of the snake, death will soon follow


I will leave you lonely
Bitter, broken, betrayed
Follow me to the garden
I will lead you to the blade
I have lost my way
Shackle you in the chains
I Judas Iscariot
Down to the grave
Track Name: Widows Of The Wretched

I bid you farewell
It’s the end of my time
The suffering ends today
Grieve for me I could care less

I lived, I saw what led here, the fall
The filth, the end of the monsters ball
Fuck the preacher, the teacher, the know it all
Leaders they all lie, we are left here alone

Take me away let the wretched remain
Let them all mourn, they all once cursed my name
We all walk in the shadows of our shame
The righteous the wretched are one in the same
Sunlight gone
Empty sky
The flames burn bright as they light up the night
And we roam through space
Time limitless
No more shadows, we enter abyss

Dying is easy it’s time to let go
Leave the earth alone like I always was
Linger with serpents surrounded by wolves
Embrace the silence now go


Now dying alone
It’s my time to roam
Into the unknown
No more flesh and bone

Destroyed myself
I’ll suffer no more
Escape this hell
Now go where the wind blows

Embrace the change
Now riding the wave
Enjoy the wake
The death ends the pain

Dying all alone
Suffer all I’ve known
Broken, sunken eyes, no more lies, slowly die
Rotting flesh and bone
Fading all is gone
Rising above all, fuck the world, it will fall
Dying flesh and bone
Suffer all is gone
Broken, rise above, fuck the world it will fall

No More-Die-So Long